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The Rex Barton Story Chapter 9

The Rex Barton Story Chapter 9

Chapter 9

Back Home

My first purchase when I arrived back home was a 1958 Chevy two-door sedan, with four-two-barrel carbs sticking through the hood. It was a hot rod ready to burn the streets up at minimal provocation. Being a race car driver in Europe, I was prepared to take on the streets of Santa Barbara and anything that dared to pull alongside. I guess I hadn't grown up very much in that arena. It was ok though; I needed the little bursts of speed now and then to blow off the frustration of family and civilian life. I did miss my 1958 Mercedes 220 though. What a dream car for cruising down the AutoBahn in at 100MPH

Then I got a call one day from one of my supervisors. Hey Hawk, don't you think that hot rod should be left at home in your garage? It does not match what persona we are looking for in our deputy's. I got the hint real fast and sold it by the next weekend. Sorry powder blue 58, you must find a new home to rob a new owner with speeding tickets. From there it was a respectable 1962 Oldsmobile convertible. Burgundy with a black interior. A very modern family car with all the power options.


Still not completely satisfied, I decided to add to the family package purchased plan and bought a 1958 Corvette convertible project car. It was a fun car that did pretty much stay in the garage. Next was my 1957 Ford Ranchero pick-up. The Ranchero was a good truck that gave me a chance to rebuild its engine in my spare time. Two cars were a must with Jenny working as well. The Corvette will maybe not so necessary.

It was in the Ranchero that ran out of gas on the way home one day that gave me a pleasant surprise. Who should drive by, but Annie, on her way home after shopping. She had her two kids with her and spotted me with my hood up. Thank, you Ranchero, for picking the perfect moment for running out of gas.

I approached her passenger side window, and to my surprise, Annie greeted me with a big smile and a mini skirt way to short that revealed way too much. I would have given anything to have been in a position to be cleaning her front windshield and looking down. And here I thought she hadn't noticed me in the restaurant last night! She was barefoot and her long brown coffee bean colored hair up in a roll. I all most apologized for looking then I decided her intent was clear. Her two kids were laughing and having fun in the back seat playing with books and food just purchased at the store. High guys, I said. My name is Hawk. What're your names I asked?

"I'm Jeff, the little boy said, and I'm Violet, Annie's daughter replied."

Good to meet you both.

Annie butted in and asked if there was anything she could do to help.

"Ahh, yes I could use a ride up to the gas station at the next off-ramp if you don't mind"?

‘No problem at all, hop in' she said".

I did as she asked and felt a little hot, not from the beautiful sunny day but from staring down at her sexy tanned legs. Wow, I thought to myself. She has the longest most perfectly tanned legs I have ever seen. From her feet to her secret garden was a beautiful scenic tour that could melt the Polar Ice Cap. So, delightful and pleasing to my hungry eyes. Her dress was sleeveless and cut into a small strap behind her lovely tanned neck. She told me later her dress was called a halter dress. I had never seen one before. It looks Hawaiian, is it that where you got it?

"Yes, it is. My mother and father bought it for me when they were in Hawaii recently".

To me, it was a piece of scrap material glued onto her perfect body. Her breast were full, and you could see the outline of her nipples pointing toward the stars, or moon or sun. It didn't matter. They pointed up, so I followed her breast as she breathed. They went up and out, up and out. As Annie moved in the seat to check out the oncoming car situation, her dress hiked up even further. She maneuvered back onto the freeway traffic lanes and lo and behold her dress hiked up to her panty line. Her yellow panty's matched her yellow and white halter dress. I was in LOVE and could not think of anything else at the moment. She exited the freeway and drove me to the gas station. I looked around, forgetting why we were even there. Why are we stopping here I asked?

"Do you need a gas can she asked, in a sexy voice from the planet Venus itself"?

I didn't know if I should have arrested her for indecent exposure or keep looking. Of course, I just kept staring, trying to remember how to talk. I was sure at this point Annie must be one of those mythical sirens from the Hercules sagas I used to enjoy reading. I know I was enjoying reading her body language right now.

"Ahh, no I am pretty sure I can buy – mean barrow one from the station gas cans, I finally heard myself say. I know the owner and all". Now I remembered why I was here at a gas station.

"Do you need a ride back to your car, Annie asked"?

"Ahh, no thank you. Why did I say no? Stupid". Why did I say that about myself," Could it be, coming true? I was stammering for words and felt obvious, tongue-tied — all at the same time. I didn't want this chance meeting to end anytime soon, but small talk eluded me. She offered me a ride back to my car, and for some reason, I refused. Dumb! Can't help it. Just dump.

Just as I was about to go inside and ask Al for a gas can and gas, Annie asked me if I would like to go to a party later this night after work, at her house?

Immediately the words flew out of my mouth like a computer on steroids. I said, yes. I didn't even think about it. Probably too quick of an answer but my head was not on my body yet either. It was apparent, because all I could think of was this, beautiful woman, before me half-naked in a halter dress from Hawaii. The entire problem here was the dress designers. Halter dresses? It sounds like something you would put on a horse. Plus, the strange feelings that were floating through my body. What I was longing for was a passionate embrace. Sooner than later. Maybe even after the party. Perhaps I should arrest her and take her home with me now. No, the kids were in the back seat.

I told myself to stop being such an idiot. Settle down. Your married, you jerk.

Nothing was at home to prevent me from going to a party, though. I was tired of working and studying. Jenny was gone with the kids and was probably now in Germany with Jenny's family. Sooo, why not?

What I should have done was to ask God to help me with my Achilles Heel. The fractured error in my mind. My defective ways or another way of putting it, my life's long constant battle with self, and a wandering eye syndrome, was the last thing on my mind. I didn't want this moment to end. It was easier to shift the blame on my law enforcement training. The old 3 to 5-second rule keeps your eyes in gear looking at everyone and everything. Look for hair type, length, and color. Look for distinguishing marks, scars, tattoos, approximate age, height, and weight. It hadn't taken me 3 seconds to figure out Annie's measurements. Was that part of my training? The answer, yes. Try it sometime. Go for 5-seconds and tell me everything about a person. If it is a female, the part that sticks out first is her breast size. It could be a memorable and vital part of a description or investigation in a murder or missing person's crime. I learned to be where I was and where you fit in the bigger picture be as well — just doing my job and where my training led me. Besides, Jenny was probably doing her thing anyway, and I was mentally preparing to do mine.

"Thanks again for the ride and I will look forward to seeing you tonight, I said." I got my gas, and she left, and there I was walking back to my car. Dumb, I thought to myself again. Could have had a V8?

I got the Ranchero going, got home and showered, shaved and dressed in my uniform. I drove back downtown to the station and checked out my patrol car. My shift went very slow, and if there was any crime out there in the County, the crooks got away with it. My mind was fattening itself on the party ahead tonight.

After work, I raced home and hoped I had put enough gas in the Ranchero, and sped over to the address that Annie had given me. When I drove up, I could hear the loud music from inside the house. The front door was open, and there were people on the front lawn making out. Some of them stopped momentarily to look up at me (still in my uniform) as I was walking up the driveway. One guy nodded at me and then went back to groping the girl's breast and trying to stick his hand down her pants while kissing her at the same time. Little did I know then, but that was Annie's husband groping the girl. His hands were all over the welcoming girls, return embracing. Nothing wrong with that I thought. But everything was in the publics' few. How weird was that? My excitement was growing with each advancing step toward the front door.

I walked through the front door and recognized a few people from the restaurant and told that many neighbors and block friends were there as well. Annie, saw me walk in and broke away from the guy she was dancing with to come over and offer me a drink. "She said, help yourself to the bar over there by the kitchen" and then literally ran down the long hallway to what looked like a bathroom. She came back out a few minutes later with toothpaste between her lips.

Looking at me, she used her gorgeous pink tongue and intimately slid it across her lips until all the toothpaste had disappeared. After seeing her lips move that way parting slightly, looking at me with a sexy grin and her shinning brown and green eyes, I felt like panning for gold in them, right then and there. Of course, we had to dance a few minutes first. That was another thing that surprised me. Annie had the most unexpected, stage driven sway I had ever seen. I was a good dancer too, having danced on American Dance Band television for a couple of seasons. This woman far exceeded all my expectations and was out of this world. Her inner beat mingled with the songs and just mesmerized me with her sexy moves.

The next song was a slow dance song that matted us together like a couple of teenagers in heat. She came in very close to where I could feel her breast squeezed to my heart thumping chest. I was not sure I could do this, but then her hips moved into mine. It was all over. I was going to ask her if we could go somewhere when I got a tap on my shoulder. Fortunately, it wasn't a jealous husband or anything.

It was another deputy that I had not seen who was still in uniform. "Hey, Hawk, we got to go."

"Why, Sammy, what's going on"?

"Big accident up at El Capitan Beach area and they want us to get up there now." I had been looking forward all day to this moment because it was our first meeting of the mind and body I mussed. Now I had to leave her prematurely. It was unfair. No this was a criminal act of I don't know what"? "Sammy, why can't you just take care of the bumper thumper"?

"Hawk, you need to come now. I didn't want to but had to excuse myself from the party to tend to more serious things than a dented bumper" "It is a serious accident Hawk."

"Annie, I am sorry, but I must go. I told my sergeant that I would be available this weekend anytime they needed me".

"It's ok, Annie said. I will miss you, but maybe you can come to the restaurant tomorrow evening, and we could talk then"?

"Yes, I will be there for sure. Thank you for the invite, and I wouldn't have any more to drink if I were you," I advised after noticing she was a little tipsy.

"Ok, I won't." Be careful were the words planted in my ears beckoning and hurling me forward into dreams of excitement for tomorrow evening.

The accident was a mess — car parts and body parts everywhere. At least five cars involved. You could see through the mud trails and broken bushes that this was a northbound car, crossing the center line and hitting a south bond car head-on. What followed next was a chain reaction between five cars. Three vehicles were totaled. One car was a van that looked to be full of kids from a local church. I hated this part of my job at times. Being a Deputy Sheriff, I was also the Major Crimes Law Enforcer and Deputy Corner. Anytime the County had an accident where lives were lost for any reason, traffic, homicides or suicides, the Sheriffs Department, was called to the scene. I didn't mind any of that; in fact, I found it most interesting.

However, when children were involved in accidents, of any age, the devastation, destruction of there little bodies, the scenery would break me. Picking up small children off of the cold asphalt, bloodied and bruised with their broken limbs bent in un-natural awkward directions, would brake my heart. This accident would take me through most of the night. I was removing dead bodies from the roadway, processing the scene, taking photos, measurements, and assisting the paramedics with loading the injured onto gurneys. Stopping the bleeding, check for breathing, treating people for shock, bandaging others was all part of the job description and calling multiple tow trucks, the CHP, alerting and stopping oncoming traffic. I didn't get home until early morning and just fell into bed, exhausted. After that point, the struggle was trying to push away, the broken and deceased lives on the freeway. Innocent children, gone or having to endure years of recovery and loss of parents. Deep down in my brain, any thoughts of the accident and concentrate on Annie at the same time. What happened at the party last night anyway, I wondered?

During the beginning of our courtship, Annie and I reveled and rolled daily in the various aspects of our newness. Elements like heightened sounds, shapes, highs and lows, smell, touch, and the color of love. Every time our eyes meant it was nothing short of lust. Exciting, new adventures running up the highest slopes and sliding back down on a cloud of pure delight. Nothing could stop us, and nothing would. We escorted the devastating pain of divorce, children, families, and the shame of our affair, all of it was on our shoulders alone. It was our choice, and we had no regrets. At least not at that moment. Regrets, especially regarding the children, would appear but much later. Regrets take time to grow. We were selfish to the max, and we were wrong.

Meanwhile, we ran up and down the gauntlet of love, waiting for adventures. Some might call this foolish, immoral, living a lie, bad acting, or just plain not right. Ok, you are probably right on all counts. But new love knows no boundaries and has no limits and doesn't care. We found that and are still learning about love today. Only it is different than the early days. It is different because when we came to acknowledge Jesus as our Lord and Savior by asking for His forgiveness, and learning to accept it and then forgiving ourselves, we were free to grow into the adults we are today. Forgiveness and the Love of the Lord can replace all the years the locust have eaten in lives torn apart and feelings crushed by the pain of significant mistakes. Annie and I were not watching others make the same mistake, but we were the ones falling short of redemption. ‘What If'?

I made the 101 Restaurant my favorite place for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and coffee breaks because when Annie was there, the whole world came to a stop and waited at our feet. Time pendulums adjusted to our intertwined emotions upon the very first glance of seeing each other. Our instant smile, glistening eyes of expectation of the moment and her hot touch and embrace was so accelerating, that waiting was nearly impossible.

I would walk through the front door, and our eyes would meet, and our hearts would skip a beat. I would turn left into the nightclub entrance of the restaurant and then right, into the darkened hallway by the payphone and restrooms. It was there in the darkened hallways that we would embrace when no one was in view: long holds and very wet kisses. Most of the time, we had to step outside the restaurant where she would wipe the smudged lipstick off of my face. We were like a couple of kids, or closer yet, a couple of animals in heat. Stepping outside cooled the wet passion of love.

Looking at Annie, with such lust in my eyes was dangerous. Every time, I wanted to reach out and grab her shoulders and pull her into me. She smelled so sweet. Her special perfumed (Shalimar) was so intoxicating that it nearly melted me right there on the spot. I wanted to taste her and drink Annie in all at once. Her white dress shown like the brightest of days against her tanned body. Maybe that was one of the attractors that I saw early on. Her golden tan and exotic body always made me turn my head to look.

It wasn't much longer after that when we both decided to follow the new direction love was leading. A good friend of mine owned a big house in Laguna Beach, and I asked him if I could take a friend down there for a few days. I told Annie, and we made our get-a-way plans. It was a bold move on my part, but I couldn't continue meeting in the hallways of a restaurant and chance getting caught.

I forget which car I took down to Laguna, but I do remember that it wasn't fast enough. I just wanted to be there before she did. The house had everything including a maid, big, big bedrooms, walk-in glass shower the size of a small bedroom, with a door that leads to the pool and spa. It was private and the perfect get-a-way for us. The famous Arboretum Botanic Gardens and race track were part of the backyard view.

I did arrive before Annie and made sure that everything was in order, and the maid was gone. A cloud of sin was developing, but I didn't care. When Annie arrived, I showed her around and gave her a choice of where we would sleep. Either the king bed hanging from the ceiling on gold-colored elephant chains in the second master suite and the in-room private spa, or the regular master suite with the Hugh walk-in shower with three showerheads and pool view?

Annie was intrigued by the hanging bed but felt safer closer to the floor. "I think the king bed in the first master suite will be fine Hawk."

We were both expectedly nervous, even though I thought I carried off the aloof attitude very well — sophisticated, alluring, intriguing yet strong and loving. Oh well, at the least I was cool, I thought to myself. It had been a long time since I had a date. Somehow, I knew this was wrong and shouldn't have been on this platform now. What was I thinking, floated across the front lobe of my brain and exited just as fast? What the hell was I doing?

Later Annie said, stop pretending everything is ok. It isn't, so just be you. The problem was I didn't know who I was any longer. Those who might follow the star charts would say that I impeded a Cancer man: strong, devoted to family and hates change of any kind.

The problem was, my wife and family were not around, but it wasn't an excuse. We had a mountain of issues that we swept under the carpet. Annie's problem was much worse, in that her husband was abusive, threatening, a womanizer, an alcoholic, and a drug user. He infringed on her life every day.

After putting her things away in the empty walk-in closet, we decided to go to a nice restaurant in town for dinner. After dinner, we drove around town, which Annie took great delight in showing me because it was her native area. She had lived in Arcadia for many years. We got back to the house at about ten o'clock p.m. and decided to put some music on. I asked her to dance in the ballroom of a dining room. She was such a good dancer. That was Annie's internal beat and rhythm that made me blush with excitement. I think before the first song finished we were both half undressed. I carried Annie in my arms to the bedroom and gently laid her down. She pulled me to her, where we embraced. No hurry now, we stayed most of the night in a loving embrace. Our bodies merged as one, and for hours we harmonized like a symphony playing a cadre of music. Exhausted, we laid back while Annie went to sleep in my arms. It was morning before I realized that the maid would soon arrive. I jumped up, took a quick shower, and made the coffee. When the maid, Tessy, came inside, I told her not to worry about the West-Wing of the house. I had a guest and would clean up later. Tessy understood as she smiled at me and graciously went about her other business.


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