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The Rex Barton Story Chapter 8

The Rex Barton Story Chapter 8: In The Very Beginning


Chapter 8

In The Very Beginning


From the beginning, Annie and I had a special bond that was undaunted by fear or anything we ever learned in books or from hanging with our peers. Such a special connection from the beginning of our relationship.

We celebrated our forty-sixth Anniversary in 2017. We learned early on, it is all about commitment, even when everything is against you. Take the word divorce out of your life and vocabulary; you must work on the formidable problems in life together. Better to learn that now rather than ending in another divorce again.

The minister that married us said "Don't forget to take God with you every day of your married life."

Little did I know just how hard it was going to be.

From the moment, I first saw Annie; my heart skipped a beat, and my eyes nearly crossed. This particular night was the first time I took a coffee break at the 101 Restaurant in town during my shift. Law Enforcement (crime) was slow this night with not much to do but look at a full moon.

Thoughts of Jenny and the kids popped into my head as I sat there looking down at my coffee cup and the dark liquid inside. I was wondering what Jenny would be doing? I put my usual two teaspoons of sugar and a little cream in the coffee cup. Still looking at the dessert menu, I looked up, and my eyes could do nothing but stare.

Walking like a Red Carpet model was this gorgeous, slim woman, of about thirty-two years of age I would guess, with dark coffee bean brown silky, shiny hair, and brown eyes with gold nuggets floating in them. Her figure was out of a Rodeo Drive fashion model magazine to the best-dressed female on the planet.

She walked the way only a runway model**/goddess/ could walk. She looked up momentarily, and our eyes touched in a seductive way that only seasoned lovers would do. I had never met her before but hoped I would before my coffee got cold. The problem was I had left my mouth open too long, and now I couldn't shut it.

At first glance and my first thought was, this lady is way out of my class. She looked sophisticated, intoxicating, and mind-boggling beautiful. I wonder how many cups of coffee (which I hated to drink) would I be able to drink and how many pieces of pie could I eat? All I wanted to do was sit there, on a restaurant bar stool and stare at her. I hoped she would walk by me again, and we would connect.

As was customary with me from the time I was in Jr. High School, I developed an automatic wink that was unmistakably sexy. You can't resist me, it said. She told me much later that she saw the wink and it did captivate her, but she was not about to give in that easy. Fascinating, I thought to myself. My sure-fire wink worked, but it sure took its time.

Unfortunately, I received a call on my radio about a disturbance out at the college. Drunken fights were commonplace out there, and the campus police were not trained or equipped to handle very many incidents off-campus. No response from this beautiful woman was heartbreaking, and I had to get up and go. I tried to keep one eye on where I was walking and one on her. She never even looked up from her guest hostess desk. Oh well, I hoped to be back later and maybe at the least get her name.

I was not one to flirt, but truth be known, Jenny and I were having trouble. Big troubles. Both sexually, financially, and every other way possible. My folks didn't help matters any by the way they always demeaned Jenny and tried to tell me she was no good. You hear that type of thing long enough, and you start to believe it. Just like Sam, she was always calling me stupid.

I truly began to believe that word many times. Jenny had a habit of taking all her tips and some of the bill money to return to Germany every other year. The land of the big PX was not enough to hold her. She had another life back in Berlin that she sorely missed, more than me, more than what she left behind.

Add that to all the trauma from my work she was righteously tired, of it all. Jenny had, had many problems with her father. Jenny did not care much for him because he was very strict and physically abused her that caused her to run away from home at sixteen. She bummed around Europe for a couple of years before landing in Berlin. The only job Jenny could find was bartending, but she had to lie about her age. She was not 21 years old yet.

When I met her, she was the bartender at an exclusive English sector nightclub. She was also out of money and out of a place to stay. That is when after our second meeting at the night club, I asked Jenny if she would like to stay at my apartment off base? She must have been desperate because she did not hesitate even for a minute and said yes.

You must understand I told her, that the apartment was given to me by another MP that left to go back home to the United States. I explained that I never changed the wallpaper. Wallpaper being a loose word because I had every PlayBoy bunny centerfold from the first magazine, top to bottom on each wall.

Mentally I did my usual thing when looking at a beautiful, woman. My eyes undressed her. I thought to myself that this beautiful creature should be up on my apartment wall. Jennie was outright gorgeous. My little apartment with a shared bathroom down the hall was just a crash pad after a night of jumping around bars, night clubs, and pubs. Did I say a crash pad? Honestly, it was a sex pad, ok! Jenny got the drift but was surprised when she walked in and saw for herself the bedroom. You walked in the door and to the left was a dresser to the right was the bed and all around were pictures of naked women hanging on the walls.

Once inside the bedroom, you would immediately understand what the decorator had on his mind. Keep everything the same because any woman making it this far could not resist either laughing and giving in or slapping me and giving in any way. Why would any woman climb three flights of stairs, half-drunk, with an MP and not have already consented to sex? The apartment was a winner. If nothing else the girls could look up and visually compare, there attributes to any of the naked Playboy Bunnies. They would even ask sometimes, am I that pretty while pointing at one of the pictures on the wall at a moment of climax. Yes, of course, even better. Now stop talking, we are supposed to be having mutual gratifying sex here! Don't you know that? Yes, you too are beautiful. "Really? Am I really that pretty?" Now let's concentrate on making love Lieba Shern. Again, I would catch the girls frequently looking up studying each Playboy centerfold bunny. A nose would wrinkle up, or their lips would press together unaware of the lovemaking going on. Deflate time. Maybe it was time to take all the pictures down and re-decorate in plain white walls?

Jenny didn't seem to mind the muraled walls because she found the apartment much warmer than the streets on a cold, windy, and snow-covered December. Besides, she was hoping to leave and get her place on the next payday. I gave her the keys to the apartment and turned around to go. She caught my arm and said in a whisper, please stay Hawk. Thank you for being a gentlemen and willing to give me a place to stay. Neither one of us had been drinking. Somehow I felt that Jenny was so different. I was giving up my off base crash pad to a beautiful woman in need if for nothing else but to keep warm. There was no kitchen, but the room did have a heater. Restaurants and cafes were only a block away. Besides, I had a private room on base and could and did daily bring food from the mess hall.

After returning home, Jenny and I had another baby. Randy, was born two years after Janney. Our lives were changing rapidly. We had Janney, and our baby son Randy, a new house and a new dog. Everyone's dream plus the white picket fence, incredible career in law enforcement, but somehow it was getting to be too much to deal with for us both. We were still very young, and the Sheriff's Department was taking all my inner self away from me. It was mentally, emotionally, and physically draining and challenging. That's not an excuse, but our marriage was drifting apart. We needed God first, and that didn't happen. Jenny was getting ready for yet another trip to Germany and wanted to take the kids. I was primed to put everything ounce of myself into my work. Determined to be the best cop I could be. Law School was another goal I had in mind for the not too distant future. It became apparent to me at some point that I had a knack consuming larger bites out of life than I should have. Someone told at a very young age that Hawk, you're a dreamer so you might as well dream big in this life. Go for the Brass Ring boy!

Jenny and I talked about everything but our problems on the way down to LAX. The drive was pleasant enough but lacked the honesty I was craving and the answers for help needed to correct our marriage and put it back on the right path.

We kissed good-bye, and I hugged the kids and kissed each one and reassured them how much fun they would have with mommy and her relatives. They cried a little and were feeling apprehensive but went with Jenny on the plane bound for New York and then on to Germany. It was a very long flight. Back then it took something like 18 hours. All three would be physically exhausted when they arrived.

The ride home was uneventful and quiet. Never even bothered to put the car radio on. Speaking of which, I thought to myself that this crappy car was going to have to go. Maybe I could do something different with our transportation problems while Jenny was gone. My folks said they would help and I was not against using them. Jenny and I had long ago burned through the military separation money on other pieces of crap vehicles and partial down for our brand new, VA Financed home.


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