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The Rex Barton Story Chapter 6

The Rex Barton Story Chapter 6
Chapter 6 - Attempted Murder

One evening at about eight pm, Jenny was getting off of work at the Hungry Tiger. She waited on a couple of people that were creepy she said later. They left a pretty good tip for just having coffee, but Jenny still felt uneasy. She asked the manager Louie to please escort her to her car in the parking lot behind the restaurant.

Louie said, "Jenny, you are paranoid. There is nobody here but customers."

"Thank you anyway for bringing me out her Louie. Do you need a tip to go back inside?"

"No, sorry, I just think you are a little weird. When are you going to lose your accent anyway?"

"Louie, I was born in Germany and learned English five years ago while working and living in Berlin. Have you ever heard about Berlin?"

"No, Louie said."

"Then when are, you going to learn a little bit about geography Louie?"

"What's that mean, the color of dirt?"

"No Louie. Thanks again for helping me out to my car. Goodnight."

"Yeah ok," replied Louie.

Jennie heard his last mumbles and laughed to herself.

Jenny started her car, a brand new light blue Ford Maverick, it had an automatic shift. The night was a little chilly so along with her sweater, Jenny started the car and put the heater on. If she learned anything, it was always locked the doors and keep the windows up while driving. Stop for no one unless you recognize them.

Jenny did very well with understanding why. We were told by way of Internal Affairs that good old Hawk, had a Bulls Eye painted on his back and a reward to anyone willing to try and take me down. No particular group had coughed up any other information other than to signify power and stupidity.

The riots were over, but I guess a few of the Black Panthers had hurt feelings. Heard the Underground folks were unhappy. Oh, well, here I am boys and girls, come and get it, was my reply to IA. I learned through other, less reliable channels that a couple of cartels were shipping in a few pesos. I let my resource know I would give them a shot as the price went up.

I was never one to run from fear or a fight as my Uncle Rex taught me so many years ago. I told everyone around the student housing area in Isla Vista that anytime, anyplace, anyone wanted a date, give me a call. I was never sure which group to profile, so everybody was suspicious to me. Driving around the College area, I kept a low profile. I was a big enough of a target as it was.

Jenny was turning off of the freeway and coming to a stop sign before crossing the street. Our new home was about a mile away. Still, no moon or illumination and the street lights were few and far between. But Jenny noticed in her rearview mirror a car that had been following her since the restaurant. Jenny was getting a little nervous, but she kept her cool.

Jenny told me later that she had turned the radio speakers up a little higher to distract herself. It was working until she pulled onto our street. Then the car behind her started flashing its headlights. Somehow Jenny believed it was one of our Sheriff's patrol cars, so she pulled to the side of the curb but kept the car running. She saw a big image in her rearview mirror approaching her, so she rolled her driver side window down about halfway.

All of a sudden, a big man, with a big hand, came through the opening of the car window. The man immediately had Jenny in a stranglehold around her neck. She was unable to scream or find the horn. The man was trying to enter the car and kept pulling at the door lock near the window. He finally got a good hold of it when Jenny accidentally hit the automatic column shifter down into gear.

The jolt of the car was just enough to break his hold around her neck. The guy yelled in pain as the car lurched forward, pulling him to the ground and partially dragging him until he came free as Jenny put her foot on the accelerator. She drove straight down the street and began honking her horn before she even turned into the driveway. I ran out of the house to see what was going on.

Jenny was unable to speak. Instead, she pointed to a car that was turning around in the street and headed toward the frontage road. The driver was attempting to make a fast run toward the freeway. I got enough information from her fear riddled face and the bruises on her neck to see what had probably happened.

I told Jenny "Get into the house with the kids, lock the door, and turn out all the lights. Get yourself and the kids down low. Remain quiet until I get back. Call the Department and tell them I need a back-up unit."

I sped off in her car down the street when I saw the car making a U-turn. My thoughts were my eye would catch a glimpse of a car speeding off down the frontage road or turning onto the freeway. Nothing. No vehicles in any direction. Between the blackened sky, minimal street lights the only thing in focus was an occasional porch light.

I drove on the wrong side of the street peering into as many cars parked on the road as possible. These guys were good, I thought to myself. Pro's maybe, or at the least, not their first rodeo. That thought reminded me that I left the house without my weapon. All I had was a tire arm in the trunk if I had time to get it or my hands, which was more than enough. Unless? I was never quite fast enough to outrun a bullet. Focus Hawk, where would you hide on such short notice?

I stopped the car at the end of the street, quietly got out, locked it after retrieving a tire wrench from the trunk. I was taking a significant risk being on foot, but what the perps could not have realized was I would not hesitate for a moment to cut both of these guys off at the knees and then split their heads open until nothing was left but the color red.

I was mad as hell for anyone going after Jenny. Come after me but not my wife or kids. Your life is as cheap as dirt if you think you can take them. Controlled anger is good. It gets the adrenalin pumping, and mussels become stretched and prepared for battle.

My reason for walking was to check the cars parked in driveways for hot hoods and closer looks at the cars parked on the street. I saw two cars approaching me from either end of the road. Lights off told me they were my back-up. But I still waited beside a car parked on the street with two ways to go if need be.

As they got closer, I could make out the roof emergency lights and then the black and white color. Yes, they were the good guys. I briefed them more on what little I had known. Deputy Robert and Red both turned their patrol units around in the middle of the street. Just as they were about to go back up the way they came, I motioned for them to stop.

As I was watching Red make his turn around, I noticed a dome light go on and off in a car across the street. It was parked in a driveway, three houses up from where I was standing. I passed Red running toward the parked vehicle. He tried to keep up with me in his unit and watch the road and follow my direction too.

I turned into the driveway, Red kicked his patrol car in gear and parked on the street behind the car where I had stopped. While he was driving, Red let Robert know to turn around. No mistake that if these were the perps hiding in the car, they would be hurting badly before the night turned to daylight.

Robert then pulled up behind Red's unit, and then he jumped out. I motioned him to take the right side, and I would position myself on the left side. Before reaching the taillights, both car doors opened, and two hoods got out of the car with their hands up. They knew it would only be a matter of time before I would have checked their vehicle out, and once they saw both patrol cars, they figured on just holding tight and waiting to see what we were going to do.

They needed to be hurt like they tried to hurt Jenny, I thought.

"Turn around asshole and face the car. Hands above your heads and please move or do something stupid to give me an excuse to beat the crap out of you."

Anyone brazen enough to attempt to hurt my family would feel my wrath of judgment.

"Hey man, we didn't really mean anything back there. We were just out to have a little fun tonight the driver exclaimed".

"Oh, well, that's alright then because that's all I want too, dude. Just a have a little fun beating the crap out of you."

"Hey, your cops. You can't touch us. We surrendered, remember? Besides, that bitch in the car hurt my right hand."

"We didn't do anything, man, the other perp yelled,"

Robert put the cuffs on him. Instinctively I knew he was right and if I hurt them now, they could get off free. I pushed my suspect against his car. I hadn't put the handcuffs on him yet. When I pushed him, his head hit the top of the vehicle; "Oh, I am sorry" I said and gripped both of his hands tighter.

"Ow oww, you're hurting my hand you son of a bitch."

Meanwhile, I continued patting him down in a fast cursory, check for weapons. Then slapped the back of his head real hard to distract my next move. Twisting his left arm hand behind his back, I got it cuffed, then I grabbed his right hand, yanking his wrist down and behind him to cuff that hand.

He yelled and cried until the neighbors woke up, turned on the porch lights, and came out to see what was going on. Red was my good buddy, and my best friend just stood back like any cop would do, waiting for one of the perps to make a stupid move. Rather than ask Robert to turn his perp around, Robert smacked his guy in the back of the head and then told him to turn around.

I thought that was cute and was about to do the same when my guy turned all by himself. Unfortunately, he tripped over my outstretched foot and fell face down on the driveway.

"Sorry about that," I said.

I lifted him off of the ground by the back of his shirt collar. This prep was the driver and the guy who had attacked Jenny guys. He tried to strangle her to death.

"Well, now, it looks as if you may have broken your nose asshole. About the same, as you did to that woman back there in the street a little bit ago. Any comments?"

"I told you we didn't mean anything by it, man. We just met her at the restaurant, that's all".

"You just scared the hell out of that woman, and then you tried to choke her to death. Why did you have to choke her"?

"She wouldn't open her damn car door, man."

"Oh, well, that explains everything. This your car"?

"Yeah, it belongs to my ol' lady."

"And where does your old lady live"?

"143 Duncan street".

"What do you have going on there, anything?

"Nothing, man. We were just having a few beers and all and decided to get a new lady for the party".

"Any drugs on you"?

"No man, come on, we are clean."

"Any prior arrest"?

"Hey, don't you have to read me my rights or something"?

"Yeah, something like that. Do you want me to that right now, before I have finished asking the last question? I squeezed his right wrist a little. I thought we were getting along, so well and that you wanted to talk to me? Red, would you do me the honors and book these two characters and check out their residence?"

"You bet cowboy."

"Ride-um Red. Ride-um hard. Robert, if you would please, take the other perp in for me as well. I need to check on Jenny."

"Keep them separate for now. I will be in later."

"No sweat Hawk." Get going Red said.

"Oh, you both better read them their rights on the way in if they aren't going to be polite and talk to us anymore. It would be a shame, though come sentencing."

"You got it, Red replied."

"Hey, wait for just a minute man. We didn't mean any real harm here. We just wanted to invite that cute little waitress to our house to party! I will tell you anything you want to know!"

"Ok asshole, by a party you mean force alcohol down her throat, get her drunk enough, slap her around a little, and then rape her"?

"Ye- I mean no, I wouldn't do that". That bitch would have liked our party."

"Asshole, that is your name, isn't it? Are you aware that you are talking about my wife." Now shut up, and I will see you back at the jail".

The perp was blown away at what I had just related to him. "That Bi- woman, I mean is your wife?"

I thought about the arrest while walking back to Jenny's car. Something was wrong with these two jokers. I could not put my fingers on the issue but was uneasy with the whole thing. When I arrived back home a few moments later, I walked into the house, turned on the lights and Jenny came running to me. She was still shaking and as frightened as a deer that just got shot.

"Its ok honey. I got the two idiots. They surrendered over on El Camino rd. They said you waited on them at the restaurant earlier.

After a few moments, of trying to calm Jenny down, I realized that she had not heard a thing I was saying. Her sobs of fear from her ordeal created a sobbing storm with-in her, and she was pretty much out of control.

Shutting my mouth and pulling her tighter was all I could do. Eventually, after a couple of minutes, the heart-throbbing sobs changed pitch and was now just interrupted as short bursts of loud breathing and tears. I think the tears had stopped. She ran out of them and was trying to catch her breath.

Her convulsions were nearly over now, and she looked at me with her swollen eyes and with broken English mixed with German, was asking me;

"Why? Why did this happen? I thought it was someone in the department".

"That was what they were hoping you would think. I don't know honey, but those two won't be back. It is over. Why don't you take a nice long hot shower and I will check on the kids. Can I get you anything"? Hot chocolate, tea, anything?

She shook her head. Later, after checking on the kids, I knocked on the door to check on Jenny. Yes, who is it? It's me, honey. Open the door. I heard the lock un-latch, and I walked in. I grabbed my towel and helped to dry Jenny's back. Afterward, I bent down and kissed her neck and shoulders that were all bruised and red.

"You are lovely honey. I am so very sorry. Let me help you into your nightgown and get you to bed".

Those bastards I thought to myself and automatically started putting lotion on the bruises very gently. I heard Jenny whimpered briefly, as she allowed me to touch her neck and continue down her back. She turned and walked out of the bathroom and into the bedroom before I had finished.

"Can you stay with me right now," she asked

"Hun, I need to go down to the station and get the report down and book these bastards. Will you be alright if I go? I can wait until your asleep anyway".

"You promise."

As she laid there on the bed, I began rubbing her head until she fell fast asleep. Poor Jenny, I thought. She has gone through something no woman should have to experience.

Leaving the living room light on, I locked the front door, as I went to join Red and Robert down at the station. When I arrived, they had already taken prints, stripped searched the perps and were holding them in separate cells.

It was now my turn to avenge justice on Jenny's assailants. Red, cautioned me as he could see my anger mixed with hot molten lava. Red told me that he would be happy to take the statements and complete the booking. He advised me a second time to ratchet my emotions down and that going back home to Jenny would be the best thing I could do.

"What do I do Red, with the anger? You know they would have killed her right"?

"Go get a cup of coffee cowboy and wait for me."

"Ok, if you will do one more thing. Start checking the file for any connections with other known idiots associated with these guys".

I reluctantly did as Red suggested. I knew if I didn't, one or both of these two perps would be broken in half by my outrage.

After an hour of drinking coffee and writing my report, Red came in to tell me he had found nothing new. Harnessing my aggression, I realized Red was right. I let my anger subside. Red and I talked for a while longer, and at his lead, we left the station, and I headed home. Red related that he would patrol my home area throughout his shift and make sure an incident report and bulletin was posted and read by the next shift change coming on in a few hours.

"Thanks, Red, you are a good friend."

"No problem Cowboy, hang in there ok."

"Yes, partner, I'm ok now.

I drove home slowly reviewing in my mind the evening's events and subsequent arrest and felt strangely insecure. I could not put my finger on it, but I knew this incident was somehow related to the felony arrest I had made during the riots. Someone was getting retribution, and the price tag on my back was going to go higher. I felt that Jenny was used as the bait to bring me out the easy way.

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