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The Rex Barton Story Chapter 19

The Rex Barton Story Chapter 19

The Rex Barton Story Chapter 19

Kids Thrown Away

"Hey Carlos, what's going on tonight at your house? I heard you have an open house"?

"Oh, my wife and I are having a birthday party for our little girl around seven. Would you and Annie like to come over? It's not formal — just a drop-in sort of thing for everyone."

"Oh, hey Carlos, I got some snitches that haven't seen the good side of life yet. May I invite them? Can I clean them up before they drop by?"

"Yea, right smart ass. Don't think Maria would like that very much. She doesn't like me bringing work home. You know?"

"Will Annie and I will be there. It looks like it is almost time for a break. Shall we head on over to Sparky's for a hamburger or something?"

"Yea, that sounds good. By the way, I already bought the beer and chips. Plus, I will make my special Salsa and Avocado Dip," Carlos said.

"Wait a minute, Carlos. Look at that guy behind the Drug store across the street from the High School. What in the hell is he doing throwing large black trash bags from his car trunk into the dumpster? Keep an eye on him, Carlos. I am going to find a spot in front of the store and block his exit. This dude needs a ticket for dumping trash illegally".

"Ok. Get me a license number and description"?

"Will do. Click, click."

Dispatch: unit 4 & 7, 10-20 Millers Drugs on Hollister. Some dude is dumping trash in a commercial dumpster behind Millers".

10-4 unit 7.

"Ok Carlos careful. Click, Click. The guy just closed his trunk and is taking off in a hurry. He's coming around the side of the store headed North on Hollister. I am unable to cross traffic and block his exit.

Unit 5: 10-4, unit 7. Going to affect a stop before turning onto Hollister.

10-4 unit 5. Dispatch did you copy?

Dispatch: 10-4. Unit 7.

Unit 4, go behind the store and check out the trash bends. Then follow us north if you can. I have a funny feeling about this guy.

Unit 4, On it, unit 7. Click.

Dispatch, Unit 5, and 7, in pursuit of the subject vehicle. Unit 7- just blew through the stop sign in a hurry.

10-4 unit 5, I am right behind you.

10-4 unit 7.

Dispatch, Units 7 and 4 in pursuit of a 1964 Chevy 4-door, Calif. license Mary, Alpha, Charlie, 993 do you copy over?

Dispatch. 10-4 unit 7.

Unit 5, to unit 7, Hawk, I'm being fired at by the driver. This guy has a rifle sticking outside of the driver's window.

Dispatch, unit 5 is being fired on by subject vehicle. Do you copy?

Unit 5, hang back Carlos, make it harder for the guy to drive and shoot. Get off of his bumper. Slow down, Carlos.

Unit 5, Copy that Hawk, but he looks like he is going into downtown Goleta?

Copy unit 5. Hang back more. Get off of his tail now.

Dispatch, Unit 7 & 5 taking shots from the suspect vehicle, Northbound on Hollister approaching underpass to south highway 101. Contact Hwy Patrol and all units in the vicinity to be watching for the Suspect vehicle but do-not approach. Shots being fired by the suspect.

Dispatch: 10-4, unit 7.

Unit 5, Hawk, I just got hit in the windshield. Glass everywhere. I can't see inside here; I need to stop.

Unit 5, I copy that. Slow down and get behind me unit 5. This guy isn't going to get away. Are you ok otherwise?

10-4 unit 7. I think so.

Unit 5, back-off, I am passing you now. I gunned my patrol car, pedal to the medal and shot passed unit 5 and forcing Carlos to slow down even further. Stay on my bumper as well as you can unit 5.

Dispatch. Did you copy? 10-4 unit 7.

Unit 7, this is unit 4, the black trash bag's this guy was throwing into the dumpster is filled with stinky body parts. There must be at least two or three dead people chopped up in here.

10-4 unit 4. Dispatch, did you copy that? 10-4 unit 7 & 4.

"Watch out Carlos; this guy is losing it. Get off of my bumper".

Within a moment's hesitation, the suspect was unable to maneuver his car over to the 101 Freeway southbound on-ramp. Instead, he hit the bridge overpass from underneath, with such force that the Chevy completely disintegrated. Smoke, flames, debris blew everywhere just ahead of us. You would not know that it was a car that just exploded because there was no longer any particular body part to describe it.

Carlos and I were breaking hard and sliding on and off of Hollister road and the soft shoulder. After gaining control of my unit, I let it slide sideways back onto Hollister road, thus blocking thru traffic headed northbound.

Unit-5, Carlos you ok? 10-4 unit 7. I took a little shrapnel in my face. Coming up behind you now.

10-4, 5.

Dispatch. Unit 5 & 7 stopping short of the underpass. Get some more units here fast. Where are the CHP? We are going to need medical help dispatched as well.

Dispatch. Unit 7, CHP should be north of you at any moment. Ambulance notified at your 20 in less than 2 minutes.

Unit 7, 10-4. I am proceeding on foot to crash sight.

Dispatch: 10-4

With guns drawn not seeing the suspect, Carlos and I approached the underpass which was strewn with car parts, dirt, clothes, and trash of every description. Everything was bent, broken, and twisted pieces of junk. The interior and exterior parts of the suspect's car had been horrifically ripped apart at impact. When the suspect lost control, the font of the car crashed head-on into the freeway underpass bridge. Hitting tons of cement head-on does not make for a perfect day. Especially at 75 MPH.

The impact of the Chevy slamming into the cement underpass column should have killed the perp, including any plant life and weeds around the street and curbs.

"Where the hell is he Hawk"?

"Don't know yet but stay alert, Carlos. What a mess. See if you can make your way over to the other side of the bridge and stop all southbound traffic".

"Roger that Hawk"

"Go slow. Take your time in case this perp lived through this wreck Carlos".

It seems like an eternity when you are walking slowly and cautiously through a live shooting debris field like this one. Where was, the suspect? He didn't get up and run away. No blood or body parts anywhere? How could he even have survived the force of such an accident? I thought not, but where the hell was he?

The Hwy Patrol was now engaged in the search and one officer doing traffic control. Carlos was walking south toward me with his gun at the ready. I was walking back toward the entrance of the overpass and stepped on a bunch of papers and a broken up inside door panel of the suspect's car. As my left foot stepped down on the door panel, I heard a groan. I jumped back, ready to empty my revolver into the door panel plus all my reloads, I stepped back off of the door panel instead, sensing a person with serious injuries underneath.

Kicking the edge of the panel westward, reveled a bloody mangled body of the suspect. He was alive, but barely so. Over here, guys. Two Hwy Patrol Officers and Carlos came running over. This guy might not make it, and I don't think he can talk. Carlos, get back to your unit and tell dispatch to send fire and EMT's now. That engine over there is still smoking, and the debris field is a tender box.

The three of us just stood there looking at the bloody body of the suspect, not knowing which end to start with to stop the bleeding. He probably broke every bone in his body. What was left was very little. This guy had more compound fractures on both arms and legs. Where does one begin when every square inch of this guy looks like raw wounds with no skin left?

One of the Hwy Patrol officers located the suspect's gun. It was an old 22 semi-automatic rifle that most likely could repeat 15 to18 long rifle bullets. I thought to myself later, how in the hell did he get that thing out of the window with such accuracy and fire on us, hitting our patrol units at least five times? The CHP Officer marked the gun with a yellow flag and continued looking for more evidence. More bags of trash, with body parts and camping equipment, were strewn everywhere.

It wasn't much longer when I heard the sirens of the fire and EMT's arrival, and they took over the suspect's injuries. It took them at least forty-five minutes to an hour before they could even lift the guy onto a flat board then a gurney. The white bandages were now red with blood. The bagging of evidence and cleaning up this mess was soon underway. Hey, Carlos, you had better get hold of Maria and let her know the party is going to start late. Maybe another day even?

Yea, I think so. It looks like it is going to be a report from hell Carlos bitched. You are right there, my friend. Good job, Carlos. But we have plenty of coffee and donuts back at the office to keep us going.

Ha, ha Carlos said, vividly upset with the whole incident.

Carlos was visibly shaken up, no doubt about it. The first time an officer is involved in a shooting and is injured, it shakes you up a bit. I know I speak from experience.

Deputy Carlos, Deputy Robert and I, remained until after midnight at our Court House office, cataloging and writing our reports as to what we saw, heard and did from the beginning of the sighting of the suspect's car and suspect at the dumpster throwing black plastic trash bags away. It took days before we had a clear picture of the nature of our crime scene. Even more, time for forensics to complete its tasks and the hospital surgeons to put humpy dumpty suspect back together again.

As it turned out in the morgue, we had a young girl, with no records and a young boy with no records. Both kids were approximately seventeen years old. We started making phone calls up to the Sheriff's Department in San Luis County, Cambria, Monterey County, and Point Sur areas. Sure, enough, there was a missing report on two kids from Point Sur Park Rangers. A teenage boy and girl about our victim's ages.

Forensics related to us that both victims had been blunt forced killed by a sharp instrument, most likely a small camp firewood ax, that we found in what was left of the suspects, car trunk. Forensics later related that blood mixes were evident and matching the victims. It looked like, from the postmortem evidence that the two kids were hatched apart limb by limb by the same ax.

The story was, they were all traveling together and had run out of money. The young girl called her mother in Southern California and asked for and received via special delivery mail, thirty dollars according to the letter and postmarked envelope we found in the wreckage. The conclusion was the suspect killed both the girl, her boyfriend, all for the forty dollars. I guessed the suspect wanted the girl and the money for himself and couldn't, so he killed both friends for the money and hacked them up.

Once the suspect recovered sufficiently to answer questions the detectives got a written statement from him and were able to collaborate his written statement with the forensic evidence and our evidence trail from the dumpster and accident scene investigation.

I felt good that we were able to solve the Missing Person's Report generated from Los Angeles, and we were lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time to see the evidence being unloaded into the dumpster by the suspect.

The suspect we learned was an eighteen-year-old, with a record of burglary, petty thefts, and marijuana possessions. No history of murder, but lust, hunger, and drugs turned this perp into a killing machine. I felt so sorry for the parents that had allowed very innocently, their kids to travel during summer break to see some of the prettiest California Cost lines.

I know they never suspected they would get my call. Telling families that their loved ones, especially their children, were victims of a gruesome murder is a lot worse. I can't imagine the pain and suffering they went through, yet they were grateful that we solved the case and got the remains of there children back to them for a proper burial.

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