The Autobiography of Rex Barton


This story is an autobiography of a very young boy named "Hawk" who grew up, in spite of his life’s challenges.  The Rex Barton Story is about the choices in life that all of us must make at some point, be they right or wrong.  

Young Hawk wasn't able to ask either parent, 'Which fork in the road do I take?' He didn't have a father or a responsible mother to go to for help when he had such questions. Hawk ended up having eight abusive step-fathers during his childhood, as you will read. 

Two very special individuals stepped up and cared for Hawk, his maternal grandparents. They were the most loving, stable, and influential adults during his growing up years. They too had faults and dysfunctions, but at least they cared. Their guidance carved out the man that Hawk would become. They had a huge impact on his life and they made a difference.

Thanks to his grandparents, the one true love that Hawk learned to trust completely was God himself.  To say that he didn’t always understand things would be an understatement. Hawk struggled through life while those close to him let him down or abandoned him altogether. God never did.

In his narrative fashion, Hawk describes experiences he had with angelic beings at a very young age. He learned to hide his outward fears, which dominated his early life. Those same fears and doubts would involuntarily re-surface at inappropriate times. He was always on-guard while trying to prove himself to others.  If he didn’t, someone might get too close and learn what he was feeling inside, scared. He endured physical, verbal, and emotional abuse at the hands of many.

Hawk's fears had to be surrendered to God because he could no longer suppress them down. There were numerous near-death experiences during his life. He was even pronounced dead at a young age, that is a story in itself. He had learned to suppress the feelings of his near-death experiences down deep inside him. After all, his mother and people of influence demanded that he 'never talk about it' and 'never repeat what happened.' He had to promise that he would never tell.

Keeping those promises prevented the natural joy of life to smile upon Hawk. He continuously quarreled with his inner-self, because he knew what the truth was. Ongoing was his battle to choose the right path. Hawk eventually learned to live by the grace freely given to him and to all others who trust in the Lord. 

Through loving relationships, he managed to stabilize the other side of his life with his wife of many years. He credits her, his four children, and his four grandchildren for showing him that love rises above all things. 

Hawk's life experience is the inspiration behind many of his novels. Perhaps there are times for introspection, when we need to ask ourselves questions: Did I make the right choice?  Am I on the right path?  Whom do I trust?  

For Hawk, when he stopped asking himself these questions and started asking God, the path of his life was changed.  Sometimes he had to stand at the crossroads in life and wait for the answers. He didn't always like the answer, but he knew God had his best interests at heart. 

Hawk Cares for all Animals

Hawk's grandfather, William Folger, would bring home many animals that needed to be rescued, raised or nurtured back to health. Hawk's job was to take care of and look after them until they could make it on their own. Veterinarians in the local area helped teach him to handle and treat the various animals properly. He never forgot their kindness, time, and generosity.

Hawk's grandfather instilled in him the confidence needed to love and care for all animals, large or small. Maybe, just maybe, his grandfather knew that these responsibilities would teach and shape Hawk into being the strong, loving man who cares for all of God's creatures.  

A Special Note from Hawk

The names of people living or dead are resemblances of actual people in my life. I have shared about the people, places, and animals entrusted to me throughout my autobiography. The bonds I had with my animals were some of the most significant and meaningful parts of my life. Believe it or not, I leave a tear behind for every one of those animals I loved so much. After all, God made these animals and gave them the breath of life.

"Pairs of all creatures that have the breath of life in them came to Noah and entered the ark." (Genesis 7:15) NIV.

There are far more innocent animals and birds out there that need help from all of us. Please, contact your local rescue agencies and remember them with your generosity. Thank you.